Our goals and expectations are always high


First product

Fifteen year ago we saw the first Barbaron when visiting family friends. Our son, who was 6 years old back then, fell in love with the product and lit this spark of love in us too. Our first Barbaron was made for him. Since then we are invariably experimenting with different leathers and damasks, with different forms and models. Our dedication to these products made us register the trademark of Barbaron on the territory of Bulgaria.

We hope you like our products and to pass over our love through it.

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Colorful inspiration

In addition to the love for Barbaron and all our products, we charge ourselves a lot through the plethora of colors around us in our work spaces. We decided to share this rainbow of colors with our customers through the ‘Colorful collection’. We hope it charges you with positivity as much as it charges us.

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For dry and warm butts

We created the collection ‘Play cushions’ for little and grown-ups who love playing. This product is suitable both for the youngest ones playing on the floor and for the gorwn-ups sitting playing board games.

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