Play cushion – colorful
Armchair for kids

Play cushions overview

The play cushion is for play time/sitting on the sand or grass for children and adults. The two circles (top and bottom) are made from eight distinctive triangles each. Light weight and easily moved, can be used both outside and at home. Its volume is approximately 90% full, which makes sitting on it comfortably.

It is suitable for kids, youngsters and adults without limitations. It is made out of contemporary eco leathers, furniture damasks, and coated fabrics and is good for both external and internal use.

Delivery times are from one day to one week – depends on customer location and availability of materials. It is possible to make the Barbaron out of your own leather or damask.

Delivery conditions

The delivery is through courier companies. Usually delivery times are from one day to one week – depends on customer location and availability of materials.

For Sofia:
Delivery is free of charge.
For Bulgaria:
The delivery price is different depending on whether the order is to a courier office or to your address.

Warranty and Safety

The Barbarons are made with our own design, project, and manufacturing technology. Our manufacturing is according to the highest standards for quality. The warranty of each Barbaron is 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty includes seams problems and everything related to the product‘s normal usage.
The damages caused by incidents of the product usage outside of the normal purpose are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover the filling, which is a consumable and its reduction is dependent on the usage. We offer bags with filling.
Our products are sewed for safety reasons.

Daily care

The damask and eco leather materials are easily cleaned with wet wipes. Refilling is done by opening the outer seam on the bottom of the Barbaron, adding the filling and resew.


We are doing service for all Barbarons in and out of warranty.

The price of the service out of warranty is determined after receiving a photo and a description of the problem. Depending on the damage it is possible to deny the repair – in cases when the repair exceeds the price of a new product or when it is impossible.

In addition to the out of warranty price, the price for the delivery in both directions should be covered.

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